Find-A-Song is an online searchable database of the very best in children’s music. It is the first licensing service totally dedicated to the children’s entertainment industry. Our goal is to become THE children’s music resource for video and TV producers, game manufacturers, website developers and all companies producing products for the children’s market. No matter how big or small the project, we will help developers, producers, manufactures and companies find the perfect song!


  • The opportunity for hundreds of children’s media professionals to hear your songs.

  • Your own account and password to manage your songs. Upload lyrics, song descriptions, personal info, awards, licensing options and keywords.

  • Equal opportunity to be heard! The search engine has been specially design to shuffle the search results every time someone uses the database. Your songs will have the exact same opportunity to be listed first in the search results as everyone else's.

  • Regular newsletters and updates concerning licensing opportunities, marketing strategies, industry changes and much more. All focused specifically on the children’s entertainment industry.

  • Expert legal guidance. We have our own topnotch entertainment attorney who guides us through contract negotiations and the ever changing licensing world.

  • A proven and experienced partner in your corner! Just one look at our parent site and you’ll see how many successful opportunities we have been fortunate to find over the years. And now, we want to help you find them too! Along with knowing who’s looking for great music we also have many long time clients who can benefit from your creativity. We will be using the database with our own existing clients whenever a project comes our way!


  • A user-friendly searchable database filled with hundreds of songs from talented award-winning artists.

  • Quick and easy licensing options and fees to fit any budget and any size company.

  • Award-winning studio services for editing and modifying any song to fit a specific project.

  • A reliable and quality driven partner in helping them find the perfect music for their project.


We’ve put a lot of thought into how to structure service fees for artists. Above all, we want you to get the most for your money and at the same time allow us enough profit to maintain the quality of the database and have the financial resources to pay for press and advertising.

Fees include a one-time set-up fee, an MP3 prep fee and a commission split for any licensing deals made through the Find-A-Song™ service.

Here is an itemized listing of fees.
  • SET-UP & LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP FEE: A fifty-dollar ($50) “Set-Up” fee, payable once, at the time of registration.

  • MP3 PREP FEE: The Flashplayer has been configured to work most effectively using specific settings. We will prepare your song samples to load quick and play great! ($5) one time fee per song sample.

    Artists are responsible for including lyrics and important info about each song in their account before samples are made available to the public. If you wish our help in providing this information, contact us for fees.
  • LICENSING FEE COMMISSION: Instead of a high yearly fee that could cost you hundreds of dollars with no return, we instead want to work for you. And in return, when we make a deal for you, we collect a 40% commission much like a publisher does. And like a publisher, we are out looking for opportunities NOT just sitting back and collecting a yearly fee. The commission is our incentive to find opportunities for your songs so we can ALL make money together.

    Here's the legal language:

    A forty percent (40%) commission (“BVM Commission”) of the gross monies received through any license of your Recordings to a third party through the Find-A-Song Service for the life of such license, whether such monies are in the form of a flat license fee or royalties paid in the future (“License Fees”). Your share of License Fees collected by BVM shall be provided with an accounting on a biannual basis, to be paid within ninety (90) days after March 31 and September 30. The BVM Commission shall be due to BVM for subsequent licenses for use of a Recording granted by you within six (6) months of termination of this Agreement or from the date of removal of a Sample from the Service, provided such license can reasonably be determined to have resulted from your use of the Service. License Fees shall be deducted by BVM prior to payment being sent to you. In the event you are paid directly by third parties for any reason, BVM's share(s) shall be due immediately upon your receipt of License Fees.

  • LEGAL SERVICES FEES BVM will use pre-prepared contracts whenever possible. If circumstances arise that require a custom contract or alteration of an existing contract, BVM and the artist will split the legal cost 40/60

Terms Of Agreement

NO COVER SONGS PLEASE! Original or Public Domain arrangements work best with no legal attachments to third party ownership and/or extra royalty payments. Part of the success of licensing is to be able to move quickly when opportunities arise. If you have songs that are "co-authored" the FIND-A-SONG™ agreement must be entered into with both parties OR a written agreement from the second party giving you the legal authority to act on the other's behalf MUST be provided.

We initially created FIND-A-SONG™ for the indie children's musician who's in total control of his/her own creative properties. We prefer, when possible, not to be involved with too many third parties when dealing with contracts. We definitely need you to either be in complete control of your music OR have a close relationship with your label and/or publisher as well as have legal authority to entire into this contract before being accepted in the FIND-A-SONG™ ARTIST GROUP.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us!

For further information visit the Find-A-Song™ website or contact us directly and talk more about this exciting opportunity! If you ready to join, go to and click on the "Artist Submission Form," fill it out and we'll be in touch ASAP!
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